5 Essential Nutrition Tips for Volleyball Players

Volleyball nutrition is essential for getting players to perform their best and is as much important as fitness training and skills. This should be personalized to every individual. A player’s body must be properly nourished and hydrated and it is important that a player gets adequate amount of water, minerals, protein, vitamins, carbohydrate and fat. The below tips are key to a better nutrition:


Eat throughout the Day

Athletes need energy all day. Hence, it is recommended that they eat every two to three hours.

Intake of Fluids

Adequate hydration is essential for optimal exercise ability, skill execution and therefore can significantly affect volleyball performance. Water is the best beverage for hydration but for players who are active for more than an hour or sweat profusely may benefit from sports drinks. Water affects the nutrition of athletes more than any nutrient. Most athletes make the mistake of drinking water only when they are thirsty. They need to keep in their mind that they are out to perform intense activities where they replace about two thirds of the water amount they take in the form of sweat.

Eat a balance of Carbs and Proteins

Diet high in carbohydrates is beneficial to athletes as they may increase the levels of glycogen in muscles and provide the athlete with energy. Carbs such as simple sugar/ glucose can be used immediately for energy after consumption.  Foods like cereal, orange juice, fruits, salads, fish, and vegetables constitute good carbohydrate food choices.

Intake of protein builds, repairs, and help to maintain muscle tissues. Foods like nuts, eggs, fish, cheese, milk can be included in one’s diet.

Avoid Unhealthy Food

Foods such as frozen desserts, ice cream, high fat processed meat, cookies should be avoided as they have nothing to do with nutrient value. Products that come in boxes, bags or containers are likely to be highly processed. These products fail to admit the degree of processing it went through and hence should be avoided.

Include Healthy Foods

It is very important to include healthy food habits in your diet. To start with, beverages can include organic green tea for its high antioxidant profile. One can go for boneless chicken breasts as they contain minimal body fat. Diary product such as cheese has better protein and fatty- acid profile. Though cheese is higher in fat but moderate intake of variety of cheeses can provide proper nutrition. Dry fruits, eggs, mixed nuts, fruits, vegetables form a good part of nutrition chart.

Now that you know how to take care of your health, be sure to invest in a pair of best volleyball shoes for women and men to keep your feet in good condition.